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Combining affordability, expertise, and perfect relaxation for the best massage therapy experience in Colorado Springs. ZenWorks Massage is owned and operated by Stephanie Inman - an experienced massage therapist and passionate resident of Colorado Springs. She has 6 years of massage therapy experience, affording her clients the best possible results.

Each client is offered a variety of different services at ZenWorks Massage. These exceptional services are offered in a soothing environment where treatments are catered to your specific needs. ZenWorks Massage combines years of experience with a personal touch. Whether you are seeking relaxation, stress reduction, or pain relief, ZenWorks Massage of Colorado Springs has got your back.

Conveniently located at a central location off of N Union Blvd, ZenWorks Massage is within a few miles of popular Colorado Springs locations such as Briargate, the United States Air Force Academy, Ridgeview Marketplace, and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

read more › ZenWorks Massage is a locally owned and operated massage therapy location ran by Stephanie Inman. She offers a variety of effective massage services that focus on relaxation, rehabilitation, and an overall improved quality of life. After practicing massage therapy for 6 years, Stephanie decided to open ZenWorks Massage to provide Colorado Springs with a high-quality, professional massage therapy experience. She aims to create a much more personal, affordable, and overall rewarding experience than one would get from a larger massage location.

read more › Express Massage - A 30 minute session for targeted pain relief or a quick relaxation/rejuvenation break in your day. Choose from either a Swedish massage for relaxation or a deeper pressure massage for pain-relief. Combining the two for a combination of results and relaxation is also an option. Various scents are used to reduce aches, pains, and headaches, in addition to alleviating anxiety and increasing energy! Choose from a variety of different scents such as sweet orange, lavender, and eucalyptus.

read more › However, the post-massage meditation enhancement provides 15 minutes of meditation time after the allotted massage time. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please be courteous and contact us within 24 hours of your appointment. You will be charged in full for appointments missed without advance notice to compensate your therapist's time.

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