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My name is Bene and I have been a practicing massage therapist since 2011. I have dedicated a lot of time in learning about the human anatomy. I understand the importance of healing and alleviating stress in the hustle and bustle of living in the modern world. I have made it a life-long passion to help you achieve a better version of yourself through the power of touch.

Whether you are looking to relax and unwind, train before or after an event or just looking to maintain your healthy lifestyle, I am sure I can provide you with the touch we all need and desire. I'm a CA certified and licensed massage therapist here in San Diego. I love what I do as it offers me the opportuity to help people feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

For me, it's not just a career, but a lifestyle that enhances the wellness of others as well as my own. My areas of expertise include Swedish, Deep Tissue and Stretching. My ultimate goal is to help you unwind, relax, de-stress, alleviate pain and achieve the best massage you've ever had!

read more › The most common type of massage is Swedish massage which involves a variation of strokes on top layers of muscles combined with movement of the joints to relieve muscle tensions. Swedish therapy can be both relaxing and energizing while helping your body avoid injuries or tend to existing ones. All your body will be worked on to ensure maximum improvements in its functionality. Deep-tissue massage is a specific type of massage therapy that concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body; and recommended by many doctors as a treatment option.

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