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Isolation & uncertainty altered every facet of our lives. Our communities suffered, our bodies changed, & resilience was tested down to our fibers. I closed for 13 months on principle & lost nearly everything - I was one of the lucky ones. Vaccinations are rising & there's never been a better time to enjoy the beautiful things that remind us how nice it is to be alive.

Preferred therapist of several professional athletes, Navy SEALs, and world-touring musicians. I think of massage as both a technical trade & a stunning experience. Massage is a performance - a kind of dance - requiring talent, skill, & great communication. Those elements combined, it becomes the artistic expression of compassion. My goal is to deliver high-quality, comfortable sessions that elevate the field with open communication & research-based education.

With alle, clients fully customize pressure, techniques, and focus areas as they see fit. It's time to normalize consent-driven sessions that empower you to take control of your recovery.

read more › Sessions include a unique blend of professional massage styles, tailored to your specific health goals. We can also collaborate on your treatment plan if you're working with a doctor, physical therapist, or clinician. Although gift cards are no longer available, it's the thought that counts! Surprise sessions are discouraged due to the nature of consent & massage, but you can always schedule with the recipient OR link them & pay onsite. Things come up. You won't be charged for cancellations or rescheduled appointments up to 1 hour before a session.

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