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At Vibrance Massage Therapy, Molly helps to ensure that you, more importantly than the cars, are fully restored following an auto accident. Molly has experience advocating for her patients with numerous major insurance companies to ensure that her patients' massage services are 100-percent covered for auto accident injuries. Your access to massage and other forms of traditional and alternative/naturopathic clinical services is guaranteed by Oregon State law when the car accident occurs in Oregon.

Swedish massage is designed to promote relaxation and circulation while relieving muscle tension. Sports massage techniques can help enhance your performance or recovery by increasing flexibility and reducing muscular adhesions. Thai massage incorporates broad pressure compression, acupressure, and passive yoga like stretching, improving circulation and flexibility.

read more › Vibrance Massage Therapy is an independent practice operated by Molly Caldwell in Bethany Village located in northwest Portland. Molly's warm and personalized approach to massage is best summarized by widely published massage expert John Barnes, who said "The master therapist is real, calm, nonjudgmental, intelligent, sensitive, strong yet flexible, supportive, compassionate, empathic, and joyful." These same qualities are expressed in the peaceful and serene setting of Molly's Vibrance massage studio.

read more › Your Vibrance massage will be tailored to provide complete attention to your whole body or your greatest areas of need, achieving a sense of wholeness that benefits your body, mind and spirit. Based on your needs and personal preference, various massage techniques - Swedish, trigger point, deep tissue and Thai - will be fluidly employed during your Vibrance massage. Patients often refer to Molly's pressure as "gentle strength, " and she intuitively adjusts her pressure to each individual's taste and feedback.

read more › Every aspect of Vibrance Massage has been carefully considered to promote balance and reduce everyday pains and stress. Vibrance's affordably priced, high-quality massage services are consistent with this goal. By reducing financial stress, Vibrance helps to free your mind for maximum enjoyment of your massage experience and helps you to maintain massage in your balanced lifestyle for lasting results. No Up Front Fees - If you were injured in an auto accident in Oregon and have automobile insurance, expenses for your massages are covered by your automobile insurance carrier for 12 months.

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