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Zen'd Out Massage Spa Experience the art of massage with us at Zen'd out Massage Spa, one of the best massage places in Denver, Colorado. Zen'd Out Massage Spa has carefully curated holistic treatments to offer comprehensive face and body care. Through our manual massages, head-to-toe relaxation is immediate and long-lasting. Each of our treatments provides a sensory experience around textures, scents and relaxation.

Regardless of what treatment is performed, the experience is reminiscent of a seaside vacation, a complete recharge for incomparable wellness. Zen'd Out Massage packages are designed to rid the body of every possible feeling of stress or discomfort. Each of our Denver massage treatments provides a holistic experience around scents and relaxation. Regardless of what massage is performed, the experience is reminiscent of a seaside vacation, a complete recharge for incomparable wellness.

Zen'd Out massage offers exceptional body treatments for absolute wellness of the body, mind and spirit. A wide range of body treatments and spa packages inspired by a wealth of resources from over 6 years of experience in the most respected spas in Denver, CO.

read more › Delivered by masterful hands with passion for perfection. We celebrate you from headto toe, we use a special technique known for its relaxation and stress reduction. Our bodies, with over 27,000 nerve endings on the bottoms of our feet, can be powerfully affected by a thorough session of reflexology. Massage can be enjoyed by romantic couples as a way to relax and improve health and wellness together. We have 24/7 hours online booking for all our services or call us to schedule your appointment with a specialist.

read more › I am expertly trained in a wide range of massage methods and techniques, giving me the ability to manipulate muscles and soft tissues to provide you relief. I received my education form the Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy an accredited massage therapy school and I am certified by the massage board in the state of Colorado. I have been practicing Massage Therapy and other healing arts for over 10 years. My approach is now integrative, incorporating Swedish, Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, thai, Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, as well as many other modalities.

read more › Want to save $80 off your couples massage with an experienced massage therapist, Denver, CO. Book our couples special package and experience the ultimate Zen'd Out Experience. Packages include: Full Body Massage + CBD Oil ( full body) + Premium Aromatherapy + Hot Towels. Make your massage spa session even better with any of our spa enhancements such as cupping therapy or aromatherapy. These enhancements range from $15-$35 per person.

read more › Celebrate romance, or friendship with your special person with our couples massage packages. Experience a blissful customized relaxation deep tissue massage with aromatherapy, hot towels, followed by full body premium full spectrum CBD. Zen'd Out Couple Massages are designed to rid the body of every possible feeling of stress or discomfort. Each of our treatments provides a holistic experience around scents and relaxation. Regardless of what massage is performed, the experience is reminiscent of a seaside vacation, a complete recharge for incomparable wellness.

read more › A relaxing massage experience shared with your special someone in lavish surroundings - doesn't it sound heavenly? Consider having a couples massage in Denver, CO. Grab your partner or best friend and escape to Zen'd Out for a relaxing couples massage in Denver, CO. The two of you will receive a massage at the same time, on side-by-side tables, so you can enjoy deep relaxation together from beginning to end. You can choose from any of our massage modalities as you sip on ice water, flavored hot tea, or champagne.

read more › Harness the ancient benefits of CBD in a soothing, hands-on massage experience to achieve unparalleled zen and relaxation. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it is naturally found in hemp plants. Over the last few years, CBD products and massages have generated a lot of buzz in the spa world due to their incredible benefits. Oils and massage creams infused with CBD are extremely therapeutic for the body as well as the mind. CBD is the cannabinoid present in cannabis. However, it doesn't have the THC component that makes people "high".

read more › A deep tissue massage in Denver, CO can do a lot for you - from reducing chronic pain to helping you get rid of your physical and mental stress for good. Massage therapy has been used for a variety of physical and mental benefits for thousands of years. Ancient peoples, including the Egyptians, Persians, and Hindus, have thoroughly documented the use of massage therapy and the many ailments it can heal. Even in modern times, massage therapy is seen as an invaluable tool to alleviate pain, fatigue, arthritis, high blood pressure, bursitis, and so much more.

read more › Kick back and relax as our massage therapists unwind your body by rubbing the muscles in gliding, long strokes, improving your blood circulation. But there's a lot more that a relaxing Swedish Massage in Denver, CO will do for you. At Zen'd Out, Swedish Massage is our most requested massage for a good reason: it is all about relaxing every single muscle in your body. After a single session of relaxing Swedish massage in Denver, CO, you will feel and look noticeably rejuvenated. If you have never had a massage before or it's been a long time since your last one, a good Swedish massage is the best place to start.

read more › Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, adding regular sessions of a sports massage in Denver, CO, to your lifestyle can take your on-field performance to the next level! Sports massage is similar to a Deep Tissue massage; both modalities use firm pressure, and focus on connective tissue and muscles deep within the body. Your session may include resistance exercise, movement, mobilizations, stretching, and several other activities along with a nice long rub. It is vital that a sports massage therapist is certified and knowledgeable about different modalities.

read more › Are you ready for a foot reflexology massage in Denver, CO? This advanced massage technique with a long foot rub session will revitalize your body and senses. At Zen'd Out Massage and Spa, we have certified reflexologists who know how to use specialized pressure techniques to specific reflex points on the feet to boost circulation and release blocked energy. Reflexology is a system of specialized techniques that are applied to specific reflex areas on the feet and hands. These techniques stimulate the complicated neural pathways that link your body system, thus supporting your body's efforts to function in the best way possible.

read more › Is life wearing you down? Give yourself a break from work and family obligations, and enjoy a relaxing single massage package in Denver, CO from Zen'D Out Massage! Gone are the days when a massage was considered a luxury reserved only for the privileged. Today, massage therapy has become an integral part of most organizations offering healthcare and wellness treatments. Google and Facebook are known to have in-house massage therapists for their employees. In the simplest terms, a massage means rubbing and pressing your skin, tendons, muscles, and ligaments through focused movements.

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