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Whether you come in for pampering or to get some serious deep tissue healing, you are in capable hands! Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. Located within Rooted Heart Yoga and Wellness, centrally located at the heart of Capitol Hill neighborhood. We have a convenient parking lot with 7 parking designated spots as well as free street parking.

Once you have safely parked, enter Rooted Heart Wellness and Yoga where you will see the beautiful front desk in the photo above. We often leave the doors locked due to our proximity to Colfax. If the door is locked, please text, call, or check in through your booking confirmation and the software will alert us. The treatment room is down a flight of stairs, if this will be an issue, please notify us immediately.

PANDEMIC PROTOCOL: Please call or text when you arrive. Do Not Enter the building prior as we are trying to keep lobby traffic limited and all clients safe from unnecessary contiguity.

read more › All sessions are booked by time and consist of integrated massage techniques, customized to your needs. Please communicate what your needs are for the day as we know they may transmute. Your session may include any or all of the following to give the best session your body needs at the time of your appointment: aromatherapy, smoke cleansing, cupping, hot stones, hydrocollator packs, magnesium spritz, CBD transdermal patch, and CBD salve spot treatment, all included in the cost. One of our BlackSage Botanical sugar scrubs is worked into the feet and lower legs at the conclusion of your massage session.

read more › Our bolstering system hails from the leaders in the industry of bolstering. It is a full-body orthopedic positioning device used for medical conditions, sports injury recovery, and pregnancy with endless ways of providing support where needed. We have The Original bodyCushion "Pro" package with a few additional pieces to further adjust positioning for any body at any time. Linked is a video of the Pro Package being used with a sports client. The Original bodyCushion is fully adjustable and supports in prone, supine, lateral recumbent, as well as seated.

read more › Sara's style is detailed and adaptive. She dives deep into areas that are often overlooked; bringing radical normalization to the body. She enjoys working outside the box by developing, customizing, and adjusting treatments to the ever-changing needs of each individual client. Since graduating from Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in 2012, Sara found her niche in deep tissue massage after working extensively with the unique musculoskeletal maladjustments faced by the circus arts community. As an athlete that has sustained injuries, she has refined her knowledge of kinesiology as well as the associated therapeutic techniques.

read more › I completed the beginning of my herbal studies through Flower Folk Apothecary's Apprenticeship Program in 2015. Since then, I have been continually called to the plant path. Here, you'll find products emulating my passion for herbal crafting emulsified with a fervency for bodywork. Generally, there are two types of baths. Some are rather functional, then there are baths designed to build experience and remedy the body. These bath bombs are designed for the latter. Drop one into your tub, let it burbles and fizz, releasing beautiful aromatherapy blends and the best ingredients helpful to your skin.

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