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Truly one of the most wonderful massages I have ever had. Everything about the experience was great. It was my first time trying reiki and I could tell that my massage therapist was committed to my experience. I plan on making this my usual spot and will be back again! This was my first personal experience with Reiki, I've read a little about it and have a friend who practices.

I loved being able to book online. Sarah was great and really listened to my needs. She answered all my questions, explained everything to me. I had one expectation of my visit & that was to feel better when I left than when I arrived. She exceeded this expectation & I can't wait to come back! My only regret was waiting this long to start! I visited Sarah while in Denver for the Thanksgiving, and she was amazing!

Her customer service and attention to detail were the best I've had. She was fully aware of what my therapeutic needs were and addressed each one thoughtfully and thoroughly. If only I lived in Denver! When visiting next time, I will absolutely be back!

read more › Sarah is a graduate of The Colorado School of Healing Arts and also holds a bachelors degree from The Ohio State University. Before her career in massage therapy, she was a mental health counselor. Sarah transitioned into her career as a massage therapist with the desire to help people feel better and understand the body's workings as a whole. She believes touch is an incredibly powerful and natural instrument of healing, and that we have the ability to facilitate healing in ourselves and each other much more than we often realize.

read more › True Bliss Massage & Reiki is offering our Wellness Warriors Club Membership at a rate of $76.50/month for 1 year for 60 minute massages. There is also an option for 90 minute massages for $99/month for 1 year. A deeply healing session which uniquely combines massage therapy and Reiki (energy work) in one appointment. You choose the portion of time which will be spent on each or simply allow your therapist to use her intuition and do what she is guided to do. If you've been curious about Reiki and would like to experience one of these marvelous combined sessions, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the synergy of massage and Reiki with a Synergy Healing Session.

read more › Gain clarity and let go of turmoil, frustration and stress. Guided meditations can help you reconnect with your truest self, leaving behind what's been clinging to you. Sarah will tailor the right meditation for you based on your individual needs. Emerge with a sense of peace, relief and confidence. May also be combined with a Reiki session to cleanse the spirit and ground the soul.

read more › Torrey Michelle is a proud native of Colorado. Brought up immersed in the great outdoors, she loves all things organically created by nature. There is a healing quality to nature which Torrey believes brings us back to our authentic selves, facilitates self-awareness and is absolutely a source of inspiration, guidance and regeneration. It is this connection to nature that brought Torrey full circle to Massage Therapy through her yearning to find holistic methods to heal the body. She recognizes that wellness comes through addressing the trinity of mind, body and soul.

read more › Jessica is an intuitive manual therapist. She is in awe of the body and its incredible way of supporting, protecting and transforming itself. She loves her work because in working with the body, it is apparent that; it is a language that wants to be understood, and it has an eloquent yet complex way of telling a story. It is a 1,000 piece puzzle that wants to be solved. Jessica believes that massage has the power to transform our lives because massage is one of our primary senses, it is one of the ways our body receives information from the world.

read more › Palynn's passion for the human body & pursuit of alternative medicine began early on in life. Starting in high school studying anatomy & biology she then completed a degree focused on Integrative Therapeutic Practices from the Community College of Denver. She continued her studies at the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy, becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2016. Continuing education is the cornerstone of her practice, she has expanded her scope to include craniosacral, yoga, reiki, herbalism, and sound therapy.

read more › Emilio specializes in result driven, deep tissue massage. He is adept at achieving profound change within the body skillfully and intuitively. He received his training at Mueller College in San Diego, Natural Healing Institute at Encinitas, CA and The Berkana Institute here in Denver. He has been practicing since 2009 and is a master at his craft. His sessions are always customized to meet his clients needs. He cares passionately about his clients and the quality of his work. Emilio is also looking forward to learning Reiki in the coming year.

read more › Visiting True Bliss isn't just getting an incredible massage, it's an experience where you are cared for on every level. At True Bliss you get the complete package; Himalayan salt lamp, heated table, memory foam head rest, hot towels, essential oils and ample time to have your needs heard in a gorgeous, serene environment. We make sure you have everything you need to relax and get back to your day feeling and looking refreshed. At True Bliss, we care about our community. True Bliss partners with food banks and women's shelters on a regular basis to give back to the community we cherish so much.

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