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Vida Luna offers massage, energy healing, color therapy, natural products and birth services. Experience the healing touch of Vidaluna. Massage modalities include: Relaxation, Myofascial Release, Pre & Postnatal Massage, Baby Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Massage, Oxygen Therapy, Cupping Therapy and AquaLuna water massage. Experience self discovery through color.

Pick an Aura Soma bottle that appeals to you and let the energy of the colors, herbs, essential oils, and crystals reveal something new. Get your Continuing Education Credits with one of Vida Luna's inspiring and affordable classes. Heal your body with herbal products made with the highest quality natural elements. Luna makes all her products by hand, infusing them with love and positive energy along with the natural healing energy from nature.

From cough syrup to healing salves, there is something for everyone. Let Luna bring you into balance with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Ebb + Flow Integration, Breath and Bodywork, Reiki, and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

read more › At Vida Luna you will receive quality attention, touch, and wellness education for your body, mind, and spirit. Luna will design each massage and bodywork session to fit your specific needs. Luna offers bodywork sessions for the "whole family" using a variety of modalities such as, lymphatic massage, color therapy, energy work, cranial-sacral therapy, breathwork, oxygen therapy, and water sessions. Luna will provide healing treatment based on the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels, to release everyday stress in your body, which can cause dis"ease".You can enjoy these sessions in the relaxing Vida Luna office environment, or in the privacy of your home.

read more › Aura-Soma is the first therapy which combines the living energy of colours on a herbal basis with essential oils and crystal energy. The present 114 bottles with two colours are full of divine energy. Choose the bottles/Tarot cards which call you and Luna will interpret the hidden meanings to assist on your life path. Luna can use these healing colours in your Massage or Energy session.

read more › Luna is a trained EFI (Ebb & Flow Integration) facilitator and she integrates color breathing lessons with massage and bodywork using an awareness of the cranial sacral flow in relationship to the breath. Energy sessions help you to release emotional and mental patterns stored in your body, including patterns that may go back to your prenatal, birth, and infant experiences.

read more › Yes, it's true. You need a village to raise your baby from infancy to parenting. This is why Vida Luna provides priceless birthing services to support your growing family. You may have heard the words Massage Doula, comadrona, midwife, partera or birth companion. Their origin is based in different cultures yet, they have one universal meaning - an experienced woman, who offers support and expertise-emotionally and physically- to you and your family throughout the transition of childbirth. In today's fast paced world many of us lack the time and family ties that women traditionally relied upon for guidance through childbirth.

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