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And how does this differ from the massage guys down the block? Well, It's all about Myofacial Release. As Trigger-Point Release Specialists our objective is to release locked muscles in the most effective means possible icluding Active Release (ART), Traeggers, Swedish, and Esalen.

We work on clients with varying degrees of pain including muscular schlerosis, fibromyalgia, post-polio symptoms, carpal-tunnel, locked necks, frozen shoulders, neuromuscular reprogramming of the psoas, repetitive strain, athletes in training, and even regular bodies with chronic pain and aching muscles.Practitioners have a vast understanding of human anatomy and the mechanics of how one muscle can affect other muscles or entire regions of the body.

In knowing this, we work the muscles responsible for the pain. Yes! This is deep-tissue work, although in reality 'deep' work doesn't have to hurt people, fast work hurts people. So if you want an effective massage to alleviate your aches and pains without being worked-over, or receive the best-of-the-best in relaxation massage, come to 3 Energies Massage and Bodywork.

read more › The philosophy of 3Energies Massage & Bodywork is to provide the local community with therapeutic massage designed specifically for your individual needs. In addition to massage, we present each person with the findings and knowledge about their body to bring awareness to better support and maintain their anatomical structure. I looked around me to see what type of greatness I could become, only to find a general nervousness, anxiety, and distracting mannerism in the behavior of many people who surrounded me.

read more › There are many beneficial effects of massage, including pain relief, stress reduction, and also relief of many diseases. It can be confusing to know which type of massage will work best for you. The goal at 3Energies Massage and Bodywork is to present our clients with the most effective techniques necessary to release your tired and aching muscles. Massage styles include Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular reprogramming, active release technique (ART) and advanced stretching techniques, Esalen, and trigger-point release; all of these techniques with one goal in mind, Myofacial Release.

read more › Often times when we are busy taking care of everyone around us we tend to forget about our own health and well being. Remeber to, "Take five minutes and sit quietly and reflect on all the blessings in your life." Utilize massage to Relax your body and 'breathe life' back into consciousness. Restore the essence that is You and awaken your soul to it's full potential. Rejuvenate your dynamic self to enjoy life to the fullest degree of personal importance to help you thrive. I love the social consciousness that our "healthier lives reap happier lives!"

read more › A massage that saved countless lives! I just had my first massage with Gina Abrescy, and whether or not she knows it, her incredible de-stressing of my mind and body probably saved countless lives in my office! Gina is a certified massage therapist - meaning she understands how the body works and how not to harm it in the process of healing (unlike a "spa masseuse" that just rubs the body without a clue about what works and why). Before laying a hand on me, Gina took the time to ask the right questions about both my physical health and state of mind, then adapted her skills to address my specific issues.

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