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Sabai Thai Massage Sabai Thai Massage offers traditional, authentic Thai Massage with massage therapists from Thailand. While we specialize in Thai Massage, we also offer Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage and reflexology. At Sabai Thai, we believe that massage is an important component of a healthy lifestyle and want to make it accessible to everybody, so we offer affordable rates for any budget.

Thai Massage isn't just massage. It's a whole traditional healing SYSTEM, based on SEN. Sen are energy lines in our bodies (for you yogis out there, similar to nadis, and for any Chinese medicine folks, also similar to meridians), and all of the compressions and stretches that you receive during a Thai bodywork session, are aimed at clearing blockages from those energy pathways, so that your energy can flow more freely throughout your body.

You know how people sometimes ask "If you were a Super Hero, what would your super-power be?"

read more › Traditional Thai Massage uses a combination of deep pressure, acupressure, passive yoga stretches and compression to restore balance to body, mind and spirit. Thai method of deep tissue bodywork! First and foremost, you can expect to be treated as one of our family, with respect and courtesy. We ask that you wear something comfortable to you, such as pajama pants and a light t-shirt. For Swedish / deep tissue massage and Thai aroma, we will drape you in a warm sheet or blanket and expose only the area to be worked on.

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