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Stephen Potts Welcome to Minneapolis Sports Massage, a place of solace, healing, and restoration located in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. Many other injuries and muscular imbalances, besides those listed above, affect people of every age and lifestyle. Therapeutic muscle release often makes a huge difference for people who are seeking pain relief and are journeying toward a healthier way of living.

High stress levels from work, extreme pain from injuries, and exhaustion from being a caretaker may leave a person feeling burnt out, lacking the energy and stamina they need to keep up with their busy lives. Massage therapy offers incredible relief and restoration by allowing our muscles and minds to relax.

Through skin-on-skin muscle work, the body naturally increases blood flow, releases toxins, and draws more oxygen into the soft tissue which results in more muscle mobility and flexibility, less pain and tension, and renewed energy.Massage therapy is beneficial for all people living various lifestyles.

read more › We believe in the power of massage therapy to bring solace, rest, and healing to every human. When we allow our minds and bodies to rest and heal, we then discover the freedom and energy we each need in order to love and care for others. Health and wellness is best pursued as a community of humans helping each other to grow in compassion, ambition, and excitement for the future. Massage therapy has proven to be a very useful tool in bringing people together in pursuit of mental and emotional healing, physical revitalization, and a new found joy in living our best life each and every day.

read more › An Injury Focus Massage is a 30 minute massage therapy session focused solely on a specific injury. This service is ideal for anyone who is suffering from a recent injury or an old injury that has been re-aggravated. Massage therapy offers great healing results when it is received consistently and combined with at-home care. A sixty minute massage therapy session includes sixty minutes of hands-on time using a mixture of coconut oil and lotion. Aromatherapy may be included per client's request at no extra charge.

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