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Did you know that there is more to massage therapy than just relaxing? Of course, the goal of relaxation and stress relief is at the top of the list and something I encourage on a daily basis. However, there are so many different techniques that one can use in order to alleviate pain, increase range of motion, and foster healing. Among many different cultures, and for thousands of years, massage has been used to alleviate pain or discomfort, heal, protect and improve overall health.

read more › I offer client-centered massage therapy using the following techniques, or any combination of techniques: relaxing Swedish massage, healing touch, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques, sports massage, and prenatal massage. Soon I will be certified in medical massage therapy. Assist with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays.

read more › I graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2016. I am a licensed massage therapist. I am also certified in prenatal massage and medical massage. I offer basic Swedish massage, healing touch, deep tissue massage, neuro-muscular massage, sports massage, or any combination of these techniques. I also offer mobile massage and chair massage, where I come to you and provide massage in your home or office. The massage I deliver is tailored to your needs and I offer a free consultation before each session to make sure you are getting the massage you came in for.

read more › Medical massage is a form a massage that is outcome based and focused on a specific problem that the client presents with. The massage therapist uses specific techniques when treating the symptoms related to the problem. I was certified in medical massage in August of 2018. Unfortunately, I do not take any form of health insurance at this time. My approach starts with a formal intake followed by a verbal discussion about your symptoms and any diagnosis you may have. This initial assessment may include some range of motion testing, answering detailed questions, and going over any paperwork from your medical provider.

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