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Mobile Massage Therapy in Seattle Massage at Your Home, Office, or Hotel in the Greater Seattle Area. Our licensed and experienced mobile massage therapists will travel to you, delivering the absolute best in therapeutic massage to your location, 7 days a week, from 7 AM - 10 PM. With thousands of massages and events to date and 19+ years in the business, we understand what you need and how to best deliver it.

Featured corporate clients that have used our services to reward their employees with chair massage include:. You can partner with a LOCAL BUSINESS with 19+ years of experience providing outstanding massage services to the Greater Seattle area. The wonderful chair massages provided by Massage Traveler for Marriott's team appreciation events are always a huge hit with our staff.

The company and massage therapists are professional, a pleasure to work with, and always deliver a great experience. I highly recommend Massage Traveler for any type of corporate massage event and will continue using their services in the future.

read more › Want to know a little more about us before you decide whether we are the right fit for you or your company? Massage Traveler provides world-class service. With more than 19 years in the massage business, we know what you need and how to best deliver it. Massage Traveler is a boutique massage business that travels to your location and delivers the absolute best in therapeutic massage. We strive to build great relationships with clients by providing personalized service and catering to you directly.

read more › Chair Massage in Seattle and Bellevue Office Massage * Corporate Massage * Workplace Massage. Did you know? On-site chair massage is one of the fastest-growing employee wellness benefits that companies offer. It is a safe, convenient, and cost-effective program that boosts employee morale and provides valuable health benefits. A seated chair massage treatment, which uses no oils (and participants remain fully clothed), will melt away built-up tension. It will make employees feel rejuvenated and ready to return to work.

read more › Relaxation and rejuvenation is the hottest trend for these special types of gifts and gatherings. Massage Traveler has worked thousands of events over the past 19 years and has traveled to hundreds of venues all over the Greater Seattle and Bellevue areas. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, holiday party, charity event, corporate retreat, or client appreciation, our mobile massage therapists will make your event an even bigger hit! One of the more popular events is girls' night in.

read more › Forget advanced bookings - Massage Traveler will deliver the absolute best in therapeutic massage to your hotel at a moment's notice! Our lives are filled with stressful situations that can take a toll on our bodies. For many, traveling adds to the problem. Massage Traveler provides the relief you seek, with licensed massage therapists who will travel to you, providing therapeutic massage in the comfort and convenience of your hotel room. Massage received by the traveler at their hotel is becoming a more accessible way to relieve the stresses of travel.

read more › Are you currently working from home these days and missing your monthly office chair massage? This massage is for you - tech workers who spend long hours working on computers. Your therapist will focus on strategic pressure points and muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, and hands to alleviate tension from work stress and repetitive motion. A therapeutic massage treatment designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, and reduce stress. This type of massage can be experienced in a lighter or stronger style depending on the individual's preference.

read more › While many of our clients in the Seattle area enjoy an in-home massage as a convenience, we also have clients who book our massage services out of necessity to achieve an enhanced quality of life-for either themselves or a loved one. These include clients who have a chronic or terminal illness or are suffering from an injury or advanced age. A few examples of clients we see are cancer patients, geriatric patients, hospice patients, multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, Parkinson's patients, and many more.

read more › Being outdoors is not always about grand adventures or crossing experiences off a bucket list - it's also about finding quiet places to reflect and recharge - A therapeutic massage in your own backyard could be that place. Book today to reserve your date!. The massage therapist will provide a massage table or chair, individual use massage lotion and clean linens. You may provide any of the above if you prefer. Expect to escape from your daily routine while trying something new, an luxurious outdoor massage to rejuvenate your tired mind and body.

read more › Our licensed and insured mobile massage therapists will travel to you and provide a therapeutic massage in the comfort and convenience of your home. Although we travel throughout the Greater Seattle Area, we hope to stick around and work in West Seattle as much as possible. I'm a board-certified massage therapist, and I love doing massage. I have been a resident of West Seattle for over 20 years. Some people haul around kids - I haul around my massage table. My massage practice is 100% mobile, which means I travel to your location.

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