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Melt Massage Melt Massage has been in Montclair Village, Oakland, since 2001. Over the years Melt has shifted from a solo practice to a group practice with as many as 7 therapists on the team at once, and now, back to a solo practice. What makes Melt different is the time taken to learn what makes a great massage for you, before we begin, and then deliver that.

By providing feedback during the session, you have the opportunity to get exactly the right pressure in all the right places. Hana has over 30 years experience and certificates in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage, Hospice massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release among others. She says, Neither my years nor my many trainings make me an expert in you.

You know what feels good to your own body. We work together to get you the best massage possible, every time. Up to 4-hour long massages. Can you imagine? In 2013, Diablo Magazine named Melt Massage Best of the Bay. In 2016, we ranked #4 for Best Massage by Bay Area A-List and we were named for Best Massage in Oakland and the East Bay by Oakland Magazine.

read more › Because I don't like to leave a good massage to chance, your first visit includes an initial consultation where I learn from you how to design the best massage for you with results that last as long as possible after the massage. So, when planning time for your First visit, allow up to an extra 30 minutes for the initial consultation. Also, please plan your parking accordingly. Please note, our hours are not 50, but a full 60 minutes long, so please allow up to 90 minutes for the First visit. If you have a chance to complete our initial intake paperwork before you come - great.

read more › Because virtual services were so successful during the Shelter in Place, I am also continuing to offer services Virtually where you can tap into your inner massage therapist! Learn from the experts what makes a great massage so you can give, and receive, it at home!. Because I specialize in Therapeutic Massage, each session is a custom blend of styles to best achieve your goal of relaxation or pain relief. This blend can be of any of the following styles. Purpose - increase circulation & ease aches & pains from pregnancyPlease note: not all our therapists are certified in Pregnancy massage.

read more › Melt Massage is the home of the 4 hour long massage. If you've never experienced your body on 4 hours of massage, you don't know what you're missing. Once we've established how your body responds to the work with a shorter, First visit, we can design the 4 hour massage so you get the most benefits from it, without being sore afterward, and so the benefits last as long as possible. Therefore, this service is reserved for Returning clients only. In 2013, Diablo Magazine named Melt Massage Best of the Bay.

read more › Now that I am fully vaccinated, I am excited to return to in-person services! Also, because remote services were so successful, I will continue to offer Virtual Massage services as well!. I still aim to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. My years of experience, advanced training and skills, and commitment to the highest quality therapeutic massage are reflected in these rates. I work with you so that the benefits of your massage last much longer than the time we have together. If you have a package for 2-hour massages, those credits can be converted to 1 or 1 1/2 hour sessions with balances rolled forward to subsequent sessions.

read more › Until automated online Gift Certificate purchasing is available again, now that I am reopening, you may download the following Gift Certificate sample below. It will be activated upon purchase when Number and Expiration Date are provided. Rates vary by length of service or whether it would be a recipient's First or Return Visit. Gifts may also be purchased for a dollar value toward a full session. Purchases may be made by Credit Card to Venmo (to @theMeltMassage, not @MeltMassage), by Zelle (to, by check by mail or when in person by Cash or Check.

read more › Top Ten things to know for how to get a great massage: Remember your therapist wants to give you a great massage. Your therapist is not psychic at least I believe most are not, truly, psychic, and would you want them to be? to be able to read your every thought? Introduction to Hana Levin, Massage Therapist, with special massage tip! Tennis Ball for Self Massage v 1 Stress Less in 3 Easy Breaths Lower back tight? Stretch with me Forearms tight? Stretch with me Adaptation of the first video in case it's easier for your knees.

read more › If you listen on your phone (without a headset) try moving the speaker slowly one time around your head for a 360 degree sound bath. I love this tool! It's the one I give as a gift, keep by my desk and my bedside for fast and easy relief from stress and tension. How do you use it differently from how I do? Please share so I can share with others. Pregnant women need massage! They also need to know what points are contraindicated, or which to avoid, until they're ready to deliver! For clarification or a customized training in a Virtual Couples Massage Class, email me at

read more › Before the session - have a stomach relatively empty of food or drink so that when you are lying down on it, you are not uncomfortable. Privacy - if you choose to be unclothed underneath the sheet, we give you your privacy to undress to your level of comfort. We will not re-enter the room until you are ready. We will ensure you are properly draped through the course of the session and, when it is over, will leave the room so you have your privacy to get dressed. Safety - We will respect any wish you voice to avoid working any particular area of your body.

read more › Wellness Network: Affiliations of Melt Massage in Montclair Village, Oakland, CA, and beyond. If you think your work complements those professions listed above, Contact us to discuss becoming a member of our Wellness Network. In 2013, Diablo Magazine named Melt Massage Best of the Bay. In 2016, we ranked #4 for Best Massage by Bay Area A-List and we were named for Best Massage in Oakland and the East Bay by Oakland Magazine. Our Yelp! reviews continue to describe the difference we make with people every day.

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