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I am a Seattle-based licensed massage therapist who specializes in SOMA Bodywork, deep tissue work that releases, realigns and re-educates your body. From injury treatment to simple relaxation, for more than 18 years I've worked with hundreds of people with varying needs, backgrounds and treatment goals. Almost all of them have turned into repeat clients.

My objective with each session is to meet you where you are, actively listen to the story your body is telling, and help you be more in tune with what's going on in your body and mind.

read more › SOMA Bodywork re-educates your body to move as it was designed to. Through manipulation of the soft tissue, SOMA removes the blocks that keep you from feeling more comfortable in your body and unwraps a more focused, powerful and authentic you. It can resolve chronic pain and help you feel lighter, younger and more energetic. While the greatest results are achieved from the full 11-session series of SOMA Bodywork, you can still benefit from individual sessions (each session lasts about 90 minutes.)

read more › To address pain or discomfort, as well as a great introduction to SOMA work, this will benefit you more than traditional massage therapy. Using the structural integrative techniques of SOMA Bodywork, this session will address chronic health conditions such as low back, shoulder, neck and knee pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica and plantar fasciitis. The 11 sessions of SOMA Bodywork release, realign and re-educate the soft tissue of the body, re-boot your self-awareness and reconnect you to life's potential.

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