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Your body speaks and we listen. Therapeutic Massage is an effective tool in restoring and maintaining your heath and well-being. Assessing your pain, tension and restriction levels, our Licensed Therapists use a variety of modalities of massage to restore function, relieve pain, and relax. You can find additional tips and education on our Facebook Page.

There will be links to videos that instruct you on Foam Rolling and Stretching as well as sharing news on health information on related issues of interests on massage/bodywork, diet, motivation and fun.

Gentle pressure is applied to improve circulation, ease muscle aches, release tension as well as improve flexibility and promote relaxation. Muscles that are constantly used become shortened or contracted, which makes them less efficient as well as more exhausted and susceptible to injury. Our Therapists will aid in relaxing these muscles by spreading

I'm Yolie Guadiana, MTI, LMT owner and founder of Pro Health Therapies, LLC. I've been providing Therapeutic Massage since 2003. I understand and know your aches, pains, and stress levels as I came from the Corporate World and Management sectors. When it came time to remove myself from that environment, my path led me to Therapeutic Massage. I've never

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