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Recenter Therapeutic Massage Welcome, this is your safe space to get out of your head and into your body with individualized massage therapy sessions and group Yomassage classes. Not only is Courtney amazing at her craft, she's a wonderful, healing presence to be around. Her office is nestled in the coziest spot, and it has such a safe and comforting feel to it. Imagine relieved tension, lowered stress, a calmer mind, and a higher quality state of being just one massage session or Yomassage class away.

I'm passionate about helping adults achieve relief from tension, stress and anxiety through individualized massage therapy sessions and group Yomassage classes. With a clinical background of athletic training, an intuitive connection to the human body and the energetics behind healing, I am here to help you release stress and pain that you may not realize you've been holding onto.

read more › Welcome to the ebbs and flows of being a human. I will help you be present with your pain, thoughts, and emotions while guiding you to become more aware of what is happening in your body through the science-based healing art of massage therapy. Helping you live your best life is what Recenter is all about! Working with Courtney has been transformative. She truly listens when I tell her what is going on with my body and addresses the various issues in our sessions. Her compassion is palpable and she is genuinely invested in my wellness journey.

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