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Whether you are an endurance athlete, dancer, climber, weight-trainer, or simply a Pacific Northwest weekend-warrior, you push your body to grow stronger, to perform better, and to excel. You know that's the only way to keep your body and mind healthy and strong for the rest of your life. It's no secret that regular work from a massage therapy professional helps you increase performance and exceed your goals.

read more › Massage should support your activities. We specialize in helping athletes and active people improve their training, performance, and overall health. Unlike many high-volume massage clinics where a 60 minute massage often gets you 45 minutes on the table, your massage in our clinic entails a full 60 or 90 minutes on the table. Anything else just isn't enough time. Many call our style of massage Deep Tissue or Swedish: We call it Aggressive. We prod and pull. We stretch and dive deep with lots of elbow and deep strokes.

read more › Reflex Massage is grateful to be a part of a network of premier healthcare professionals and fitness trainers. Each of the preferred clinics and practitioners have extensive knowledge and skill sets to ensure our clients receive top notch treatment. Our preferred practitioner network works together, each sharing their expertise to inform and ensure a strong recovery of our mutual patients. At Reflex Massage we are honored to be involved with some of Seattle's top athletes and artists. Each month we open 10 massage slots available to our groups at a special performing artist rate.

read more › Reflex Massage is committed to providing the best massage care available. To ensure the best care for our clients Reflex Massage is commited to employing only the top teir practioners in the area. Unfortunately due to extremely low insurance compensation rates, we do not accept any private insurance plans. Although our clinic does not accept payment from private insurance companies, Reflex Massage is in several private insurance networks allowing the maximum reimbursement rates available for our patients to request reimbursement directly from their carrier.

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