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A & C Wellness & Healing Therapy We have over 20 years experience in coaching, consulting and practice of natural therapies. We offer a complete holistic approach to wellness in order to meet your health needs and goals. By utilizing a multi-discipline approach we are able to offer: Counseling services for individuals, couples and families. Therapeutic modalities and traditional therapy to balance the mind & body.

Open the door to your personal wellness & balance. I look forward to any questions you might have regarding these practices. Be Mindfully Present in 2021. Marriage & Family Therapy Counseling: Therapy for individuals, couple and family utilizing an integrative approach. Hypnotherapy all levels, American Board of Hypnotherapy Certification Program Board Approved.

read more › She has worked as a coach, trainer, consultant for over 20 years internationally and through out the United States. She has trained and coached thousands of people to improve their life through achieving personal, professional and spiritual progression. She has trained many hypnotherapists here in Honolulu and is a Trainer in Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy tm, NLP and a Reiki Teacher and Master Performance Coach. She has worked with large corporations and has a private practice as well as a training institute in Honolulu.

read more › We offer traditional mental health therapy as well as hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy. Individual, couples, and family therapy. Please call us for a confidential consultation or send us an email. We provide a safe, warm and comfortable setting where you can discuss your objectives for therapy. Most insurance is accepted for mental health therapy. We offer clinical hypnotherapy and Hypnosis to help you become a non-smoker, achieve optimal weight, overcome your phobias, let go of limiting emotions and decisions, and actualize your full potential.

read more › Professional certification and classes specifically for therapists, psychologists, and mental health counselors. Grow your practice and combine these healing modalities to help provide additional insight for your clients and patients. All classes taught by Master therapist with over 20 years experience. Time line Therapy tm, Self-Hypnosis, Neurolingusitic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Reiki, and Hypnotherapy Certification available. Also classes taught on how to relieve stress and anixety: Applied Hypnotherapy for children, adolescents and adults to relieve anxiety.

read more › REIKI 1 & 11 Classes are taught throughout the year. Please contact us for schedule. Aloha thank you for your interest in Reiki a wonderful healing art. Please note the information listed below will be shared and taught in both of these classes. The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and hands on experience. Classes taught by a certified USUI REIKI MASTER with over 20 years of experience. Each class is for one day, we also can customize these classes to fit your schedule needs if you have a group of six or more.

read more › HSMA, UHA, HMAA and most insurance accepted. Please call with any questions. New in house payment plan for students, wellness clients and patients if you do not have insurance. Ask about our specials and promotions. Mention this when calling to receive special fee discount. Also special fee discount for Wellness Professionals.

read more › In our world today we must find new ways of dealing with the stress and pressure from the outside distractions while contributing to our careers, family and trying to find ways to take care of ourself. How do you priortize your time and energy in today's world? What are your values? Are you doing what is important to you? Do you have a passion for life and all the wonderful experiences possible?

read more › Our classes are starting for Hypnotherapy Certification. We offer comprehensive small group sessions and private one on one training to give you the training to reach your full potential as a Certified Hypnotherapist. This is not a cookie cutter approach, our training programs are customized to fit your specific career and vocational needs. Whether you are a Holistic or Wellness Practioner, or seeking a career change, we can help you actualize your vision. These programs are also available for anyone seeking to know more about Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy TM and how to unlock one's creativity and create the world you want to live in.

read more › Please call our office to discuss our professional fees and rates. We offer many different programs and also are a training institute so it is impossible to list all of our fees. We accept most insurance for psychotherapy. We also look forward to speaking with you in person. If we do not answer please leave a phone number and message and we will return your call ASAP.

read more › Hypnosis is a natural state that many of us are in through out the course of our day. Whether you are zoning out in front of your computer or staring out a window. Hypnosis with a skilled Hypnotherapist is a state of focused attention, heightened suggestibility which is why when working with a trained Hypnotherapist, one is able to achieve great results in letting go of stress, negative thoughts or working towards positive goals.

read more › How you been thinking about creating change in your life and are not quite ready to take that leap of faith, than please read on. Take a moment to breath in all that you have in your life and to notice that you took a step towards what you now have. Write down all the reasons you think you might not be able to take that leap towards what you really want. If we waited for a perfect moment we would not do half of the things we do on a daily basis. New habits are hard to create only for the first 30 days and after that the brain acts as if we had been doing these new habits all along.

read more › Hypnotherapy is using hypnosis in a therapeutic setting to help one achieve goals and change limiting behavior. The hypnotherapist makes suggestions, called post hypnotic suggestions, while we are in a trance, (hypnotized). After hypnosis we can take the suggestions into our day-to-day life to achieve our goals or to help us change unwanted habits and thoughts. Hypnotherapy may be used with other forms of therapy to achieve more powerful results. Hypnotherapy reaches our subconscious through hypnosis which helps that part of our conscious change unwanted thoughts or behavior.

read more › I was somewhat suspicious of this intervention doing any good for me but I have been almost pain free since going there. My pain was about a 5 on a scale of 10 and went to a 2! what relief. 90-Minute Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture Session-Elizabeth Anderson is an Angel sent from heaven. She uses her gift of healing with compassion, and all time making you feel comfortable in a safe environment. I will definitely be returning soon. If anyone is on the fence about visiting A&C Wellness & Healing Therapy Clinic, go, you won't regret it.

read more › Reiki is a international healing art that originated in Japan in the last century. This healing technique works for stress & also promotes a wonderful feeling of being very relaxed. Reiki is done by using one's hands to promote healing and relaxation. Reiki means universal and life energy. How does Reiki work? When the person receives Reiki the Rei or light energy that we all have flows through the Reiki Practitioner and back through the client or patient. Reiki is connecting to the universal healing light so both receive energy.

read more › Through deep breathing and Hypnotic work you can uncover the essence of who you really are. Awareness and discovery through Hynotherapy will promote health, wellness & relaxation now. Progressive relaxation is wonderful for letting go of stress and refocusing your productive energy. 1,2,3 awaken to change within.

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