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Hawaii Massage Academy We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. We thank you for your patience and consideration while we were closed during the Emergency Orders. The Aloha Academy of Massage offers an informative, enlightening and inspiring educational experience at both our schools in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Hawaii Massage Accademy and the Hawaii Cosmetology Academy are both school staffed with excellent instructors and staff.

Our knowledgeable staff teaches our students to reduce their clients' pain, promote healing and look the best they can. Why not take control of your future today? Review the information in this website and decide if a profession in massage therapy and/or profession in esthetician is the right choice for you. You can begin a new and exciting career today!

We welcome you to visit and discover for yourself the lifetime of benefits to be had by training with the Hawaii Massage Academy.

read more › The Hawaii Massage Academy and Aloha Academy of Massage, Inc. in Honolulu originally began as a massage salon that eventually became a massage therapy school. We continued to grow and saw the need in 1983 to provide excellent massage therapy training to eager students, and have graduated more than 4,000 qualified professionals since then! The Hawaii Massage Academy is wholly owned by Aloha Academy of Massage, Inc with a primary mission to provide first-class training at student-friendly rates. How do we accomplish this?

read more › Are you looking for quality, relaxing, therapeutic massage to address your issues of minor muscle, body, or joint pains? Let our students help you! All of our staff will be taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our customers, clients, and employees. We ask that everyone please wear a face mask/covering for everyone's safety. Upon booking an appointment with us, you will be asked to fill out a client intake form, which must be sent back prior to your appointment time. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

read more › If you are interested in learning more about our massage therapy school, Hawaii Massage Academy is here to provide you with all the details! Our academy offers a long list of additional classes on top of our training and technique lessons. With us your educational opportunities are endless, everything from seated massage to Chinese massage. Start learning towards your brighter future in massage therapy by contacting our Honolulu, Hawaii, school of massage today. Great lessons for home-use! Any type of pairing is welcome as long as both are present for the class, such as husband and wife, mother and daughter, brother and sister, or two friends.

read more › We believe that smart students will investigate multiple schools, and know all their options before they invest time and tuition in a massage therapy school. At Hawaii Massage Academy, you will find that we have a proven premiere training program at rates that are always student friendly. Lock into an excellent and sound education, towards a bright future, at a massage school with you, the student in mind, by calling us today in Honolulu, Hawaii, for class dates and tuition costs. These courses teach the philosophy behind the most popular massage techniques as well as the therapeutic benefits of each.

read more › Hawaii Massage Academy should be your first choice for comprehensive classes on all types of massage therapy. From basic Swedish massages to techniques based on ancient Chinese healing, we make sure you know the ins and outs of proper therapy for your future clients. Contact Hawaii Massage Academy today in Honolulu, Hawaii, to ask about taking your education to the next level. Taking the course to have opportunity to sit for the MBLEx examination. It is packed with essential information and reviews the concepts, principles, and examination questions.

read more › The Hawaii Massage Academy prepares you to take and successfully pass the state examination. The HMT program is 640 hours and 30 weeks in duration. It satisfies the minimum requirements of the State of Hawai'i and is considered an entry level program. Students enrolled in this program receive academic and practical training in the classroom environment during the first eight weeks. The remaining 22 weeks are devoted to self-paced supervised practical training in the Hawai'i Massage Academy Clinic.

read more › The National Massage Therapy (NMT) program is 750 hours and 35 weeks in duration. This program prepares the student for the MBLEx exam. Students enrolled in this program receive academic and practical training in the classroom environment during the first eight weeks. Students then receive an additional five weeks of the Advanced Modalities listed below. The remaining 22 weeks are devoted to self-paced supervised practical training in the Hawai'i Massage Academy Clinic. An additional two weeks are devoted to instruction in Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology, Medical Terminology and Professional Record Keeping, and Pathology for the National program.

read more › We teach both in English and Japanese and welcome students from foreign countries to study at our school. This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien student. With that all foreign students with M-1 visas are welcome to attend our institution. You may visit our Japanese page for more information or call our offices to ask questions. Classes are held every January, April, July, and October. Each student must attend approximately 12 months of training for this opportunity to obtain license.

read more › Hawaii Cosmetology Academy also offers full courses on esthetician training! If you have wanted to start a career in the beauty industry, this would be a great place to start. Hawaii Massage Academy provides complete education on everything you will need for your future including how to become an esthetician. Call or email us today to find out all the details you need to enroll in our academy, and begin the rest of your professional life! Receive training from professionals in the field on the latest trends in esthetics and skin care.

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