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read more › Athletic Massage geared towards mobility and flexibility, combining elements of Ashiatsu, Thai, and Fijian Barefoot Massage. Barefoot massage delivers firm pressure & deep stretches in a manner that many visitors find more comfortable & more effective than hands-only massage. I am trained in multiple barefoot techniques- some provide a relaxing spa-like experience, while others are more like a sports massage. My barefoot massages combine the gliding strokes of Ashiatsu with the friction & compression
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read more › I am committed to your health and wellness. Whether you are suffering from a chronic or an acute issue or need to relax, through the use of various massage techniques customized specifically for you massage therapy can improve your quality of life. I believe in what I do. I am a state licensed massage therapist (IN MT21104019), specializing in deep tissue and trigger point massage therapy techniques. I attended Indiana Therapeutic Massage School, completing the 600 hour program in 2011 and frequently
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read more › Wouldn't it be great if there was one thing that would help you with your stress levels and aches and pains without taking any medication? Massage therapy can help. We all lead very busy lives but taking just 1-2 hours to yourself by getting a massage can help you with your stress levels, not to mention helping you with your aches and pains. The benefits are endless. All sessions are by appointment only! Please call (317)372-1988 to schedule your appointment today or use my scheduling software below
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read more › Our mission at Summit Spine & Therapy is to serve each patient with a customized corrective care plan to provide a better quality of life. There is no "one-size-fits-all" plan and each patient deserves time and attention in order to create an effective therapy plan that will provide them with more than just relief from pain. Our goal is to improve the everyday life of each individual that comes through our door. Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the the musculoskeletal system and
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read more › Many of life's routines cause us to do repetitive body motions. Sitting at a computer or desk all day, driving, carrying children and purses, and even exercising can all cause muscular tension that over time can build up to the point of relentless pain. While our bodies are amazing in their ability to accomplish diverse tasks, they are not meant to move in the same way, all the time, every day. When that happens, we get "random" pain. Muscles and fascia lock up in the body and create neck pain,
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read more › Massage is good for your body, It helps to lower your blood pressure, improves circulation, flexibility and sleep. Also massage helps eliminate toxins, reduces pain, fatigue, stress and enhances immunity. Come in and take a break. Relax, unwind, de-stress and start your wellness plan. I have 15 years experience as a massage therapist. I graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University Therapeutic Massage Certificate Program in 2004 and am a member of the ABMP. Put your needs first so you can
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read more › Are you looking for the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage at an affordable rate? Epicenter Indy Massage offers therapeutic massage and pain control services in Indianapolis, IN. Our massage therapists are highly skilled and experienced in various techniques to restore balance to your body. With our nine years of professional experience, we guarantee that our services will take you into a new realm of healing and relaxation. We specialize in various massage therapies and pain services so that
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read more › Healthy, robust businesses are built by strong and vigorous people. That applies to not only the executive and staff levels, but to every single person working in the organization. Create a culture of well-being for the people in your business and your company will see increased performance that boosts the bottom line. Are you ready to change the trajectory of your business? Get on the path to improved wellness and greater profitability through powerful services offered by Corporate Touch Massage
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read more › With the high price of gas and stress levels (the "silent killer") at an all-time high, isn't it time to finally receive professional, affordable, and convenient wellness care? Wellness care is professional assistance with improving our clients well-being mentally, physically and emotionally through therapeutic massage, body work, life coaching, and fitness. Wellness care providers do not diagnose or prescribe.
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read more › Established in 1994, Indiana Therapeutic Massage School is Indy's premiere massage training program. In the last twenty-five years, ITMS has graduated hundreds of Certified Massage Therapists, working right here in central Indiana and around the world. You won't find a more comprehensive massage training program. We offer a professional and caring environment to learn the art of therapeutic massage. With low monthly tuition payments, flexible classroom hours, and VA approved, your search for the
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read more › At Skin Renew Day Spa and Laser center, you can experience relaxing, customizable and affordable skin care facials and massage treatments. We believe in healthy skin and realize that your skin is your billboard- and knowing the benefits of skincare is our specialty. Our licensed professionals understand how to best care for your skin. We use only the best Eminence products that don't irritate or clog your skin, leaving your skin feeling and looking healthier than ever. Our professional staff members
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read more › Our mission at Heal Thyself & Co. is to help clients achieve a pain-free existence and instill a sense of health and well-being by utilizing a variety of holistic massage methods. HTS therapists provide a balance of rehabilitative modalities that may allow clients to avoid medications, surgeries and medical devices. We look forward to empowering you through a multi-disciplinary plan to achieve optimal personal health.
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read more › Power of Touch LLC invites you to experience the highest rated massage in the industry! We provide a full range of massage techniques, designed to relax and heal your body from daily stresses, age and injury. Massage offers a drug-free, non-invasive and humanistic approach to wellness, based on the body's natural ability to heal itself. Each day our bodies experience a range of rigors, from stress at work, to accidental injuries, to the inevitable pangs of age. Day after day, these burdens build
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read more › At Broad Ripple Massage & Wellness, we pride ourselves in being different than our peers providing world-class professional and consistent experiences for our clients. Our integrative massages have been a staple of Central Indiana for over a decade and we continue to be the leader over nameless franchises. Experience the difference reduction of stress hormones, improve circulation, promotion of muscle relaxation, improve posture, and in some cases strengthen the body's immune system. Our 60 Minute
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read more › Come relax with our highly skilled Massage Therapists at our location in Indianapolis, or at your home, hotel or your office. Enjoy our preselected package deal with your loved one, family, friend, or just for yourself. BR spa facial designed to nourish your complexion and leave your skin a happy, health glow.
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Resolve Massage Therapy
  • Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • 845 E 65th St
  • (317) 445-6318
Indiana College Of Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46259
  • 9948 N 700 E
  • (317) 850-1994
Mountain Aire Massage Therapy
  • Indianapolis, IN 46224
  • 5235 Rockville Rd
  • (317) 802-7727
Circle City Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • 120 E Market St
  • (317) 683-4738
Happy Endings Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46205
  • 506 E 39th St
  • (317) 635-7511
Grant Your Soul Massage Therapy
  • Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • 212 W 10th St
  • (317) 289-9334
Massage By Regeania
  • Indianapolis, IN 46224
  • 5610 Crawfordsville Rd
  • (317) 987-2009
Beach Spa & Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • 5436 N Keystone Ave
  • (312) 934-6815
Wellness Through Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • 6214 Carrollton Ave
  • (317) 518-0202
Simply Serene Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46278
  • 5650 W 86th St
  • (317) 457-1024
Sunnys Place Therapeutic Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • 4954 E 56th St
  • (317) 731-4037
Mind Body & Soul Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46250
  • 8553 Bash St
  • (317) 667-3706
Intuitively You Massage & Wellbeing
  • Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • 212 West 10th Street
  • (303) 406-8998
Massage Envy
  • Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • 6280 N College Ave Ste 150
  • (317) 253-5000
Massage Heights
  • Indianapolis, IN 46240
  • 2721 East 86th Street
  • (317) 659-8151
Inner Balance Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • 1225 E 54th St
  • (317) 732-8799
Indiana Massage College
  • Indianapolis, IN 46290
  • 10585 N Meridian St, Suite 102
  • (317) 376-8640
Kalm Massage Studio
  • Indianapolis, IN 46225
  • 711 S East St
  • (317) 224-9014
Wellness Massage By Beka
  • Indianapolis, IN 46216
  • 9165 Otis Ave
  • (317) 384-5306
Jade Spa Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46219
  • 8155 E 21st St
  • (463) 701-6444
Peony Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • 5501 E 71st St
  • (317) 253-1676
Amanda Koers, Therapeutic Massage Therapy
  • Indianapolis, IN 46240
  • 1020 E 86th St
  • (317) 432-2909
Body & Soul Massage Therapy
  • Indianapolis, IN 46268
  • 4340 W 96th St
  • (317) 992-2976
Pacific Haven Therapeutic Massage
  • Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • 1060 N Capitol Ave
  • (317) 403-8600